Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Deconstructed Omelet

Sometimes you want all the parts of an omelet, but not the omelet itself.  I was in one of those moods today for my own breakfast, so I made a single serving breakfast that satisfied my non-omelet cravings. 

The Meat
- 1 turkey sausage
- 1 egg
- salt, dill to taste

The Veggies
- 1/4 cup slicing tomato, chopped
- 1/2 cup raw spinach
- 2 mushrooms, sliced
- 1/2 green onion, sliced

The Fruit
- 2-3 strawberries, tops sliced off
- small handful of blueberries
- spoonful of Galia melon, sliced

This is simple and straightforward.  First I sliced up the fruit and arranged it on a plate.  I cooked the sausage on my griddle pan on high heat, and after around 10 minutes it was ready.  Make sure to flip your sausage at least 3-4 times so it doesn't get too charred.  

Next I lowered the heat to medium low, and I cooked the spinach, mushrooms and tomato for only around 3 minutes on the griddle pan, in the grease created from the sausages.  I wanted the spinach to wilt but not burn or turn brown.  

The egg went on last, around 1-2 minutes for the first side and barely a minute on the other.  As soon as I crack them onto the pan I sprinkle a little bit of salt and dill on my egg, season yours how you like.  Also, I like my egg yolk to be practically raw, so if you'd prefer an over-medium egg, feel free to leave it on the griddle pan longer.  

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